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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 INDIA ONLINE

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Hitachi’s flagship event, Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 INDIA ONLINE convenes an assortment of engaging, insightful sessions delivered by industry veterans and Hitachi thought leaders. This year’s edition focused upon deliberating solutions, which could help the society to cope up with the new normal. As an effort towards building a better society and strengthening the social and economic infrastructure of the country, Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 INDIA ONLINE included sessions on a wide range of sectors including Energy, e-Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Urban Development, Life & Economy, and Research and Development.

Inauguration Ceremony

Watch the virtual edition of the forum wherein we present an interesting assortment of engaging speeches, seminars, and insightful sessions, to share our vision of the society and businesses of tomorrow with our esteemed customers and partners across the country. Let’s reimagine sustainability in the new normal and witness industry veterans paving the way towards a better future for India.


With rapid urbanization and a constant increase in the number of motor vehicles, the surge in the country’s energy requirements can be only met through a robust energy infrastructure built by integrating operational technology (OT) with IT which leverages renewable sources of energy to drive sustainability across the energy landscape. At Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 INDIA ONLINE, our energy experts conducted in-depth sessions deliberating on electric mobility solutions for mass transportation, the benefits of digital proliferation in interconnecting renewable energy sources, and challenges & opportunities for India’s solar industry.

OT X IT integration in the energy landscape

OT X IT integration in the energy landscape – The future of power

A detailed overview of OT and IT convergence will define future trends and spearhead the emergence of digital energy in the IoT era.

Electric mobility for mass public transportation

Electric mobility for mass public transportation – The path for EV

Hitachi leaders discuss the essentials of building a comprehensive infrastructure for electric mass mobility.

Hitachi Solar Inverters contribution

Solar Inverters contribution towards Indian solar (renewable) domain

The session highlights the necessity of efficient solar farms for green stability and government’s supportive policies.


At Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 INDIA ONLINE, Hitachi leaders talk about how digitally-powered virtual classrooms are last-mile solution providers, breaking geographical barriers and overcoming Covid-19-induced limitations to bridge the education gap in India.

Hitachi MGRM Net - education solutions

Bridging the education gap of India

An insightful overview of how Hitachi is leveraging its AI and data analytics to aid public institutions in creating advanced data-led e-Learning systems.


Considering healthcare as a foundational investment in human capital and the catalyst for economic growth, Hitachi leaders divulge on how state-of-the-art infrastructure can contribute towards the successful implementation of National Healthcare policies. The session elucidates, upon the digital transformation of healthcare services which have exhibited incredible value in optimizing healthcare delivery across the country.

Hitachi MGRM Net - Healthcare solutions

Re-Imagining Healthcare in India

Discover the revolutionary impact of digitalization on healthcare services and its role in enabling National Digital Health Mission and Policies.


Contributing nearly one-fifth of the GDP while employing 40 percent of the Indian population, Agriculture has been the backbone of the economy. Presided by subject matter experts and Hitachi leaders, the session outlines ways and methods to harvest the true potential of Agriculture and how digital farming solutions can revolutionize India’s agricultural - tech space.

Hitachi MGRM Net - Unlocking the Agri potential in India

Unlocking the Agri potential in India

Explore how Hitachi is collaborating with government institutions to initiate a paradigm shift in India’s Agritech sector.

Urban Development

Rural to urban migration has been at rise and it has put a pressure on the urban mobility infrastructure. A robust urban mobility solution coupled with digitalization of the energy sector have become a prerequisite to ensure a better quality of life for the urban residents Adopting green energy solutions like natural gas and introduction of a new generation of mobility discourses can help mitigate the risks associated with rapid urbanization.

Digitalization of city gas distribution network in India

Digitalization of City Gas distribution network in India

Explore the dynamics of automation-led integrated CGI and the roadmap to achieve the government’s vision of transforming gas infrastructure in urban India.

Hitachi Mobility solutions

Re-imagining mobility in the aftermath of Covid-19

Learn about post-pandemic transformation plans of Indian Railways and how the government plans to make Indian railways a net-zero carbon emitter by 2030.

Life & Economy

Delivering advanced solutions across a wide range of industries like healthcare, financial technology and public services, Hitachi is committed to building a sustainable society that offers an improved quality of life. At Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 INDIA ONLINE, our experts and industry leaders were part of various insightful sessions wherein the ultimate goal was to discuss innovative solutions that can augment economic stability and strengthen the social infrastructure of the country.

cash and digital economy solutions

How cash and digital economy go hand in hand in a developing economy

Learn more about Hitachi’s cash and digital payment solutions and discover how cash and digital payments are co-driving India’s economy.

Hitachi Vantara - Maximizing the value of data

Maximizing the value of your data

Explore how effective data-management techniques generate new revenue streams and generate actionable insights to develop impactful business models.

Manufacturing excellence in the digital Era

Manufacturing excellence in the digital era

Know all about the impact of digitalization on the Indian manufacturing sector.

Hitachi System Micro Clinic - Digital India Landscape

Digital India landscape

An engaging session to explore the role of digitalization in the pandemic-induced economy and insights into India’s evolving digital infrastructure.

Cyber Security - Identity technology & data protection

Cyber Security - A next-generation identity technology & data protection

Four experts divulge crucial information regarding data protection and cybersecurity.

R & D

India has witnessed unprecedented growth in terms of the adaption of AI. Deployed across a gamut of sectors like customer service, manufacturing, supply chain, and finance, we believe AI will play a pivotal role in shaping the social and economic landscape. The session at Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 INDIA ONLINE included experts discussing how businesses need to consider AI as a necessity to achieve operational efficiency across organizational departments.

Hitachi R&D India - Artificial Intelligence in Post COVID

Artificial Intelligence in post-COVID

Watch the video to understand how AI can help with governance and learn about emerging AI trends in the new normal.